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Scoliosis & Posture Correction in Ashland, KY

Dillon Chiropractic • Dr. Gary Dillon

Are You De-Evolving?


“Aging and degenerative arthritic changes are NOT SYNONYMOUS”  -Harry Farfan, M.D. 1988


Most patients come into my office for pain of some kind. When I ask if they have seen another provider for this problem, the answer is almost always the same.


  •     Patient: “Yes, I’ve seen my medical doctor.”
  •     Me: “What did he/she say?”
  •     Patient: “He said I’m just getting older so it must be arthritis.”


I hear this answer so often that it would be laughable if it were not for the very real discomfort the patient is in. Age does not necessarily cause arthritis. If it did, all people that were the same age would have the same problems.


Deviations in the body’s center of gravity cause poor posture, which results in intestinal problems, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, osteoporosis, hip and foot deformities, poor health, decreased quality of life, and shortened life span.



The Most Common Postural Problem is Forward Head Posture


Due to cell phone use, this is becoming prominent even in our teenagers. We used to only see this in older adults.


Forward Head Posture or FHP can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds. This in turn leads to long term muscle strain, disc herniation, arthritis and pinched nerves.


The most common cause of FHP is loss of the cervical “neck” curve.


“Loss of the normal cervical (neck) curve can stretch the spinal cord 5-7 cm and causes disease.”


A. Brieig, neuro-surgeon Nobel Prize Recipient


We must remember that our spinal cord (the information super highway between our brain and the rest of our body) runs inside our spine. Effectively whatever happens to our spine also happens to our spinal cord. Our spinal cord conducts electrical impulses from our brain to all the vital organs of our body. A stretched, pinched, or chaffed spinal cord conducts electrical impulses at a slower rate than a spinal cord that has none of these issues. Think of this as the difference between dial up internet or cable internet. Dial up goes through an extremely thin phone wire where as cable internet goes through a big thick cable. Electrical impulses travel through a thick cord faster than a thin cord.


The longer your spinal cord is in a stretched or pinched position the higher chance you have that one of the organs at the end of that nerve will become diseased or quit working. So not only can FHP cause pain and disc degeneration, it can also cause overall health problems.


At Dillon Chiropractic we like to say that we would rather not practice a “pop and pray” method of chiropractic. Meaning pop it and pray it feels better. We use highly researched and technical methods to fix your abnormal spinal curvatures while relieving any pain you may have at the same time.


This same method of spinal correction works amazingly well on scoliosis patients. Many of our patients have avoided costly and life threatening Herrington Rod surgery by this conservative treatment approach.


We also do not believe in the wait and watch approach with scoliosis that many medical practitioners like to suggest. A 15 degree scoliosis is a lot quicker and easier to fix than a 40 degree one. Why would you wait for a problem to become worse before you try to fix it ?


12 year old patient before and after only 8 weeks of care. Fixed without a $300k surgery and still able to go about her daily activities while under care.


The worse a problem gets, the harder it is to fix. Don’t wait for your postural issues and/or scoliosis to rob you of your health. Give us a call today.


Dillon Chiropractic • Dr. Gary Dillon

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